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Soil, Water, & Tissue Analysis Services

Soil, water, and tissue analysis and testing help develop a high-quality crop nutrition plan for farmers, ranchers, and growers across California and beyond. If you don’t know what nutrients your soil or water contains, and you aren’t aware of how your plants are or aren’t absorbing them, you won’t necessarily know which nutrients you’ll need to succeed moving forward. Proper soil, water, and tissue testing and analysis by American Ag take the guesswork out of this process. Let our team of professionals review your analysis results with you to help you reach your crop nutrition goals for your business operation.

Soil Test

Soil analysis by American Ag establishes an inventory of your soil composition and gives you the insight you need to build a nutrient management plan to maximize your investment in crop inputs. We offer the best equipment, customer service experience, and workflow to provide testing results you can trust.


pH, salinity, types, and concentrations of soluble salts (calcium, magnesium, chloride, sodium, sulfate, phosphate, boron, and nitrate) in saturation extract, SAR, all essential nutrients, percent moisture, half-saturation, and 14 non-essential, potentially toxic trace minerals.

Water Test

Plant Tissue Test

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