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25 Years of Service
To the growers of San Joaquin Valley and Central Coast. 

P.O. Box 20370

Bakersfield,CA. 93390

Office (661) 833-8311

Fax (661) 833-8244


Mr. Gerald Gaskin

American Ag Inc. supplies the San Joaquin Valley and Central Coast with the best Compost, Mineral and Organic Products that are available, at a Price that is affordable! We also provide a large selection of Road Dust Control products and we are one of the leading Agriculture Companies in the Sealing of Ponds, Reservoir's and Canals.

During the past 25 years American Ag Inc. has expanded to become a major provider of Compost, Broadcast Gypsum, Solution Gypsum, Sulfur, Lime, Dolomite, Commercial Fertilizers and a full line of Organic products, both in solution and pellet form.

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