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There are different types of chlorides and these are the most commonly used products across the country.  They fall into three categories: Calcium Chloride in flake of liquid form, Magnesium Chloride generally in the liquid form, and Sodium Chloride (road salt).

    "Dust Off" (Magnesium Chloride) Can be very effective if used properly. It is a hygroscopic product, which in simplest terms, means that it draws moisture from the air and keeps the surface  constantly damp. They are reasonably simple to use. The restricted traffic time is minimum and allows access to treated surface in a shorter period of time, than with the asphalts or oils. Road preparation is critical in the preparing for dust control treatment. The condition of the surface should be uniform, loose and nicely crowned surface, with good shoulder drainage.  Any standing water situations may indicate an existing pot hole or a future pot hole in the making, and they should be corrected prior to application, these can be hard to correct afterwards without disturbing the stabilized surface. The surface should not be compacted at all prior to applying chlorides. It is important to have the road base close to optimum moisture just before applying Chlorides. This will cause the products to be absorbed much more quickly an evenly into the surface.

The basic composition is lignin sulfonate which is a by-product of the pulp milling industry. These products work best when incorporated into the surface gravel. They then provide cohesion to bind the soil particles together.

      "Dustac" - Road binder liquid Lignosuffonaies

Polymers Emusions

      "Dust Binder" - Acrylic Polymer

Petroleum Emulsions

        SS 1 H Oil Sealer - Asphaltic treatment used to protect from water penetration. It is compounded product using SS 1 H Oil, emulsions, fillers and polymer modifiers.  SS 1 H Oil Sealer is the suggested product for pre-season application to fill cracks and seal surfaces of well established asphalt roads.

        Dust Devil Oil Emulsion - A developing product "Dust Devil" provides a more substantial coverage then the Chlorides but is not intense as the other asphalt products such as SC 250 and SC 800. "Dust Devil" is molten asphalt that is sheared to fine droplets by a high shear system and then is brought into contact with a chemical solution. This is the chemical stabilization needed to keep the asphalt suspended in the soap water solution. This product can be applied as effective dust suppression and it should cure in approximately 3 to 5 days. Preparation is vita to the type of coverage the product is capable of providing.

Bituminous Materials/Asphalts
The use of cut-back liquid asphalts to surface treat gravel roads is another method to provide dust control.  It's also an approved method by the United States Department of Agriculture to qualify for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program. These programs are restricted to certain asphalts such as SC 250 and SC 800 heavy road oil, but there are applications deadlines, so contact your American Ag Inc. Field Representative for details.

        SC 250 and SC 800 - The most common used products today are heavy road oils such as SC 250 and SC 800 applied on well established roads with a planned long term use. The major issue with the heavy oils is that application requires that all traffic be restricted from the applied road surfaces for a minimum of 15 days, and even longer under certain weather conditions, allowing sufficient time to dry. The road preparation is the same as in Chlorides; good surface gravel that has been prepared properly will provide the best results. 



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