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Sulfur is a constituent of three amino acids (cystine, methionine, and cysteine) and is therefore essential for protein synthesis. It is essential for nodule formation on legume roots. (Western Fertilizer Handbook)

General symptoms of sulfur deficiency in plants include:
  • Young leaves light green to yellowish color. 
  • In some plants, older tissue may be affected also.
  • Small and spindly plants.
  • Retarded growth rate and delayed maturity.

Screened Sulfur

  • Santa Maria Sulfur 95%
  • Red Top Sulfur 99%
  • BG Soil Sulfur 99.9%

H. Lima Co, Inc.
Dry Santa Maria Screened Sulfur can be applied with most conventional dry bulk spinner spreaders. Because of the small amount of residual moisture and a special manufacturing process Santa Maria Screened Sulfur contains little dust, making it safer and cleaner to use than conventional soil sulfur.
Helm Sulfur
BG Soil Sulfur is a blending grade soil sulfur made into 3mm pastilles which greatly reduces dust providing a safer and cleaner product.

Santa Maria Soil Sulfur
Direct application or apply as blended product


Soil Sulfur and Dairy Superior Compost Blend
Prescription Blend

Red-Top's 99% sulfur products formulated for optimum sulfur breakdown.  Red-Top Soil Sulfur is the perfect formulation for lowering pH and supplying your crops nutritional demands.