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Compost or Raw Manure?
A properly prepared Compost Manure is completely different than a Raw Manure!

Summary of The Three Stages of Composting:
    Oxygen Stage
When the windrow is formed microorganisms
consume oxygen (aerobic decomposition.)
As oxygen is used up aerobic decomposition
slows down. Aeration is provided by mechanical
turning to add oxygen and replenish pore space
within the settled medium.This promotes air
movement through the windrow.
    Temperature Stage
Temperature increases due to microbial activity
in the windrow.The temperature increases to
40-60  C and generally is maintained for several
weeks. As aerobic decomposition slows the
temperature drops off.
    Curing Stage
When the aerobic decomposition has slowed
the curing phase has begun.Oxygen usage is
so slow the windrows don't need to be turned
anymore. As the temperature drops to that of
ambient air the compost is done.
(AgTech Centre)

Recology Green Waste Compost:

  • Green Waste Compost
  • Clean Green Compost (OMRI)
  • Prescription Blending of Products.


Recology Green Waste Compost
OMRI Listed

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Recology Blossom Valley Organics

Quality Requirements of Compost:
  • Particle Size:
    • 1/8 to 1/2 inch
  • Moisture Content:
    • Low to Mod
  • Moisture Retention:
    • Mod to High
  • Consistency:
    • Fairly Important
  • Nutrient Content:
    • Very Important
  • pH Content:
    • Very Important
  • Low Salinity:
    • Very Important

The Benefits of Compost:

  • Converts nutrients to a stable form.
  • Adds humic acid to the soil.
  • Makes nitogen more available.
  • Increases beneficial soil organisms.
  • Increases water retention.
  • Improves soil tilth & aeration.

Dairy Compost
Windrow Composting of Dairy Manure

Prescription blending of products is available to meet the unique requirements of the grower.

Compost and Gypsum 50/50 Blend
Custom Blending
A Prescription Blend of Compost & Soil Sulfur