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Role of Gypsum as a Soil Amendment!
Gypsum has been applied to agricultural land throughout the San Joaquin Valley and, elsewhere, to improve and maintain irrigation infiltration rates.The basic two types of Gypsum used in soil amendments are, natural gypsum mined from geologic deposits and recycled drywall gypsum. The mineral purity of the natural gypsum will very with the geology and the mining technology employed at the site. The mined product based on the process can be used either as broadcast or solution application. The recycled drywall material is crushed and sorted through a screening process to remove all foreign metals resulting in a clean product for broadcast application.

Broadcast  Gypsum
              H. Lima 75% Gypsum (OMRI)
                 Wallboard Goetzen Quality Gypsum at 85%
                 TrueGyp 90 Gypsum at 90% (OMRI)
                 HighGrade Gypsum 95% (OMRI)
Solution Gypsum
             Western Minerals X95 Ultra Fine Bulk (OMRI)
                Western Minerals X95 Ultra Fine Bagged (OMRI
                         50 lb and 2000 lb Bags
               Diamond K Premium 97% Bulk
               Diamond K Premium 97% Bagged
                        50 lb and 2000 lb Bags
               BIO-GYP Solution Grade Gypsum 95% (OMRI)

Broadcast Applcation of Gypsum

Western Minerals
X-95 Solution Gypsum can be safely added to crops and soils.  It helps improve soil before crops are planted, improves water infiltration and neutralizes high-sodium soil and irrigation water.  It is non-toxic, non-burning and contains no added chemicals. Solution grade gypsum works will with all irrigation systems, Even Drip!

Diamond K
Diamond K's fertigation solution is the timely applicaton of small amount of fertilizers through irrigation water directly to the root zone. The Premium 97 solution grade gypsum is marked as "A farmers best friend"


Broadcast 75% Gypsum OMRI
Mined Mineral

H. Lima Mines
H. Lima 75% Gypsum is mined and produced from a naturally occurring massive rock gypsum deposit. The high quality gypsum had been appleid to the citrus groves of Riverside, Ca. in southern California and as far north as the vineyards of the Napa Valley.


Wallboard 85% Gypsum
Clean product for Broadcasting

Goertz Quality Gypsum
The recycled drywall gypsum purity rate is better than average and the cost and ease of land application is very cost effective.  Averaging at least 85% if not more in its lab analysts reports.

Western Milling TrueGyp 90™

Spreadable Ag Grade Gypsum

Western Milling's TrueGyp 90™ is 90% spreadable Ag grade, dihydrate gypsum. It will increase soil quality faster than gypsum equivalent, anhydrite. TrueGyp 90™ is the preferred choice for tree, vine, citrus, and specialty row crop farmers in California.