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Dust Control and Stabilization Questions:

The type of dust control or stabilization is determined by the conditions and the type of road base you are working with. The length of time that traffic can be restricted, the road surface  its self, to what extent do you wish the product to provide coverage ( How long), and what are the long term plans for the road its self.

The recommended preparations for Dust Control Projects:

  • Surface Preparation - Grade the road with a blade to remove pot holes, wash board areas, etc. If the surface is very compacted, lightly scar, disc or break up the top one inch or so of the road surface and then water.
  • Pot Holes - If there are pot holes, try to fill in with dirt, water and compact the pot hole areas with traffic a few days prior to the application.
  • Migration of Product - Establish some type of mound of dirt, 3 to 4 inches high, on each side of the road to prevent any migration of product into the fields.
  • Water Application - Water the surface the day prior to application using a surfactant to provide an adequate water penetration and reduce surface tension so the products can penetrate more efficiently. Watering the surface just prior to the application will also assist in the penetration.


Check with your Sales Representative about soultions

to reducing the surface tension for dust control applications.

Surface and Water Preparation
Has a direct effect on the project!

Preparation is Vital to the performance of all dust suppression control products!

Improper preparation could result not only in a poor performance of the product but possibly add to the expense. Incomplete preparations could cause a delay in the application of the product resulting in additional stand-by expenses.  Time is of the essence and all products are considered non-returnable and must be used when scheduled. Oil base products are time sensitive due to temperature requirements. Heated Oil must be applied within a structured time frame. Heated Oil must be applied with a structured time frame.

Application of products to ill-prepared surfaces will result in an unsatisfactory application that will have a significant impact on the amount and length of dust control suppression to be provided by the product.

After Application

The product does required a certain amount of drying time to achive the maximum effect. This requires the restriction of traffic to the applied ares and the restrictions will vary based on the product applied, weather and soil conditions.