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American Ag Inc. was formed in 1992  by Gerald Gaskin. Gerald has been providing compost products and services to California Growers for over 41 years. With the help of co-owner Linda Gaskin and the dedicated staff of Field Representatives, American Ag Inc. has become a leader in providing California Growers with high quality products and services to meet the ever changing agriculture environment.

Sealing of Ponds, Reservoirs and Canals
Twisselman Clay - Calicum Bentonite

With the ever changing regulations and environmental concerns in California, American Ag Inc. is continuing to look for products and services that will keep our customers ahead of the curve.  That's why we are always expanding our products and services to meet our customers needs for today and their needs for the future!

Our Goals

  • To provide quality customer service.
  • To make each grower feel like the only grower.
  • To meet the expectations of its growers and provide that extra effort to exceed those expectations.